Bilingual/ESL Technical Assistance Centers (BETAC) are centers for staff development and technical assistance to all educators. The staff at the 12 centers offer resources and training on issues pertaining to LEP students. They are funded through grants from the the New York State Education Department’s Office of Bilingual Education.

The mission of the BETACs is to enhance the development of knowledge and competencies of educators, parents, and local communities needed to support academic excellence of LEP students.

BETACs provide the highest quality technical assistance to promote equity and excellence in the education of limited English proficient students in New York State schools.

To optimize the learning opportunities for New York State LEP students, the BETACs’ goals are to:

provide technical assistance on policies and regulations, availability of funding, educational resources, and implementation of higher learning standards.

assist parent and community outreach programs and activities that support and enable limited English proficient students to be successful in school.

provide training opportunities that enhance the skills and competencies of all educators who impact the learning of limited English proficient students.